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Island Computer Systems Ltd are an Authorised Bentley Gold Channel Partner - able to provide the full range of Bentley infrastructure products including MicroStation and PowerDraft as well as the marine MAXSURF products:      Modeler
and Multiframe


MAXSURF  Suites are used for comprehensive vessel design, analysis (including motions, hydrostatics, resistance and FEA) and production.

CAD programs are used for detailing.

MAXSURF exports in standard formats.

We are authorised to supply:

MicroStation ( - now renamed to Modeling and Visualization) is the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD and information modeling software explicitly for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation of utility systems, roads and rail, bridges, buildings, communications networks, water and wastewater networks, process plants, mining, and more.

MicroStation provides the power and flexibility to model, document, draft, and map projects of virtually any type and size. It also supports an unmatched portfolio of interoperable professional-grade, discipline-specific applications from Bentley and other software vendors.

See How MicroStation Enables You to:

Model with Unlimited Freedom
Create and interact with 3D CAD models and 2D designs with an unmatched range of drafting and modeling tools.

Analyze Models and Simulate Performance
Resolve clashes, simulate schedules, produce lifelike renderings and animations, and analyze solar exposure, shading, and more.

Document Clearly and Effortlessly
Create polished 2D drawings and quickly create precise documentation from 3D models, including intelligent 3D PDFs and 3D plots.

Re-use Data from Any Source
Accurately and easily incorporate vector, raster, point cloud, and geospatial information in virtually any format, including DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, 3DM, and more.

Marine Vessel Analysis and Design

3D CAD Design and Modeling Software for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations

MicroStation PowerDraft V8i
Premier 2D / 3D Drafting and Detailing for Infrastructure Projects

MicroStation PowerDraft, Drafting Software for Your Most Demanding Projects

With MicroStation PowerDraft, you have the power to design, document, and detail projects of any size or complexity. Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractor or GIS professional, you can use PowerDraft as a companion to any modeling or CAD design application. More than just computer aided drafting software, PowerDraft enables you to develop and produce precise and rich physical and electronic deliverables easily and reliably.

    Develop and document 2D CAD designs with an unmatched range of powerful, intelligent drafting and constraint tools

    Unlike other technical drawing software, PowerDraft enables you to produce polished drawings, schedules, and reports directly from 2D and 3D models

    You can also automatically annotate and build reports based on object properties and take models further by producing intelligent 3D PDFs

    Bring your project information and teams together by incorporating and exchanging drawings and models in any format, including point clouds, DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, 3DM, and more - select adjacent image for details


    Automate common tasks

        ​Speed design tasks and related workflows with intelligent interactive snapping. Improve productivity with AccuDraw for dynamic data entry with heads-up display. Customize and group tools and tasks and reduce keystrokes with KeyTips and the ability to quickly customize cursor menus.

    Control and protect files

        ​Ensure that only certain individuals can view and/or edit files within a defined time limit. You can ensure the integrity of your documents using digital signatures and control the digital rights to view, edit, print, and copy file contents, including a pre-defined expiration date for accessing the file.

    Design in 2D

        ​Develop precise drawings using a comprehensive set of drafting tools to efficiently create 2D geometry. Rapidly progress your designs from concept to completion using persistent constraints to maintain your design intent.

    Develop hypermodels

        ​Present documentation and related design information within the spatial context of the 3D model to significantly improve their clarity. Embed links to related Microsoft Office documents and websites. Easily navigate from drawings to their source model, or from 3D models to their related drawings.

Rhino3d v5 for Windows

Rhino3d is one of the most widely used 3D modelling applications in the World. Popular with designers, architects, engineers, artists and manufacturers - there is simply nothing to equal Rhino3d in terms of price and performance.

A capable and versatile stand alone application, Rhino is nevertheless equally at home as a companion to other 2D and 3D software such as parametric solid modellers, analysis applications and industry specific solutions.

Rhino3d is popular across a broad range of industries including architecture, jewellery, marine design, product design, film and TV, exhibition design, point of sale and transportation. Highly accurate technical surfaces and solids shared with customers and colleagues via a wide range of common file types and Rhino has all the tools required to create 2D production documentation when necessary. Rhino natively supports 3D printing and rapid prototyping and all 3D printers or 3D print bureaus will accept output from Rhino.

Rhino3d presents a true 3D working environment but has a full set of 2D tools suitable for both initial design layout and production drafting. Unrestrained modelling tools allow the user to model anything that can be imagined regardless of shape, complexity or size. Work freely with 2D or 3D curves, surfaces solids and meshes; import existing models, geometry, photographic references or sketches via a vast range of file types. Rhino’s non-prescriptive workflow ensures that designers can model in an individual and unencumbered manner whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy.

A wide range of plug-ins ensures that Rhino3d can be tailored to specific design workflows. Examples include; rendering, animation, modelling enhancements, CAM, analysis, reverse engineering and many industry specific solutions.

PD compatability.jpg

Temporary Offer:  Trade-in your existing Autodesk perpetual license software such as AutoCAD on ANY Bentley perpetual license software such as MicroStation, PowerDraft or MAXSURF.

Upgrade Your Autodesk Perpetual Licenses

If you currently own Autodesk perpetual licenses, you are aware that Autodesk stopped selling perpetual licenses and upgrades for individual applications after January 31, 2016. And, Autodesk will no longer offer perpetual licenses and upgrades for suites after July 31, 2016. A perpetual license is a valuable asset, but if it cannot be upgraded it loses all of its value.

Bentley has offered perpetual licenses and term license subscriptions for many years. Most of our user organizations leverage both licensing models. We believe that you, not us, should decide what works best for your organization.

Bentley will continue to offer perpetual licenses. You will not lose this choice with Bentley.