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Island Computer Systems Ltd are an Authorised Bentley Gold Channel Partner - able to provide the full range of Bentley infrastructure products including MicroStation and PowerDraft as well as the marine MAXSURF products:      Modeler
and Multiframe

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Multiframe Structural Analysis
Structural engineering software
that works the way you do


New in Multiframe rel 8.6

Legends & Rendering

Structural Groups

Structural Grids

3D Sketching

Frame Generation

Section Maker Properties

Spring Members

Member Orientation

Improved Results Display

Display Enhancements

Multiframe Developments (2019 release is 22.01)

New in Multiframe rel 9.0

End Springs & Releases

New in Multiframe rel 9.5

New in Multiframe rel 10.0

About Load Panels

New in Multiframe rel 11.0

Load Panel Creation

Load Panel Properties

Panel Loads

Loads due to Panels

New in Multiframe rel 11.x

Load Panel Results

New in Multiframe rel 12

Plate Elements

Plate Elements

Patch Loading

Plate Results

New in Multiframe rel 13


Lifting Analysis

Motions-Induced Analysis

New in Multiframe rel 14

Patch and Plate Development

New in Multiframe rel 14