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Multiframe Structural Analysis
Structural engineering software
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The Multiframe range is intuitive, graphical software for the analysis and design of all types of framed structures.

Multiframe is used by hundreds of engineering and construction companies around the world to model, analyse and design structures ranging from simple residential houses through to bridges, mining structures and high rise buildings.

Unlike traditional analysis systems, Multiframe features a completely graphical approach to modelling, analysing and designing structures. This provides a familiar and intuitive working enviroment resulting in greater design productivity, the ability to explore more design alternatives, and fewer modeling errors.

Multiframe conforms to Microsoft standards for all on-screen functions resulting in a system that is genuinely easy to use and consistent - even for infrequent users.

Multiframe's unique automation technology allows you to create dynamic links between excel spreadsheets, Autocad drawings, and Multiframe models. This can be used both for generating structures and loads, and for post-analysis design checking and optimization.

Multiframe Summary


Multiframe is used by over 2000 engineers and architects around the world for all types of structural design. Structures designed using Multiframe include offshore structures, sports stadiums, high rise buildings, complex mining structures, incrementally launched bridges and more…




Kajima Corporation



Kumagai Gumi

Halpern Glick Maunsell

Harvard School of Design

Taisei Corporation

Kaiser Engineers

Standford University

Takenaka Komuten

Australian Defense Industries

University of Michigan

Lend Lease

Lawrence Berkeley Labs

University of Sydney


MTS Systems

Tokyo University

Clough Engineering

Caltrans Design

Cornell University

Leighton Contractors

Flour Daniel

University of Auckland


NASA Ames Research

UC Berkeley


Design Automation

Multiframe's Automation interface allows you create dynamic links between Excel, Autocad and other programs, and the full 3D structural model inside multiframe. You can use the templates provided with multiframe or create your own.

Comprehensive Analysis

Multiframe provides linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic options and buckling calculations. These analysis options are complemented by a full range of analysis-related modelling tools like master-slave, prescribed displacements, springs, thermal effects, offset members, additional masses and much more. But Multiframe doesn't stop with the analysis. Other modules allow you to draw section shapes and install them in the sections library and perform design checks for a range of design codes.

Visual Interface

Visualization tools are key in assisting engineers and architects in the visualization of complex structural behaviour.

Multiframe has been one of the industry leaders in providing a completely graphical approach to complex engineering analysis and design problems. In Particular, its unique Clipping and Masking interface sets it apart from other structural engineering software. This allows you to slice through your structures to areas of interest and use OpenGL rendering, colour shaded displays, animation and time history displays, to provide more effective visualisation than other structural design systems.

Customer Profiles

Kajima Corporation

One of the largest design and construction companies in Japan, Kajima Corporation used Multiframe for the design of an innovative spherical viewing platform for a Tokyo highrise building. The 32 metre diameter, 1200 tonne steel structure was designed and analysed using Multiframe before being jacked into its final position on the 25th floor of the Japan TV headquarters.

Taylor & Herbert Consulting and Structural Engineers

Taylor & Herbert Consulting and Structural Engineers, now part of Barnson, used Multiframe to design the 50 story Century Tower Skyscraper in Sydney. With a roof height of 183 meters it was Australia’s tallest residential building 1997-2002. And there are another 4 stories underground in this concrete structure.

Hawkins Engineering

Hawkins Engineering is a consulting firm specialising in construction methods using the principles of “Value Engineering” to help clients deliver maximum customer benefit for least cost. They have used Multiframe on a wide range of construction projects throughout the South East Asian region including investigations into launching techniques for incrementally launched bridges and complex temporary works for large scale concrete projects.

Spronken Engineering

Spronken Engineering are an innovative design consultancy who use software tools extensively to maximise their design productivity. Multiframe forms the cornerstone of their structural work and was used for a wide range of analyses for the design and construction of this doubly curved, incrementally launched highway bridge in Calgary, Canada.

NorthWest Shelf LNG Expansion

Multiframe was used to design the $5 billion (Australian) expansion of Australia’s North West Shelf liquefied natural gas project. This is Australia's largest resource development project.

The primary structure comprised 1000 tonnes of steel in 4,100 members and 125 load cases with 750,000 loads were analysed using VBA macros saving time for the structural design team.


Multiframe 2D (now included in Multiframe)

Multiframe 3D (now included in Multiframe)

Multiframe 4D (now included in Multiframe Advanced)


Time History Analysis (now included in Multiframe Advanced)

Section Maker (now included in Multiframe)

Steel Designer (now included in Multiframe)


In the modern design office, engineers must use a range of software tools for carrying out design functions. Multiframe provides comprehensive support for industry standard
data exchange which lets users move data seamlessly to and from other applications.

In particular, Multiframe's Automation interface with
Microsoft Office products including the Excel spreadsheet lets engineers prepare data in Excel and directly modify the multiframe model, or conversely, use Excel as a post- processing tool for detail design, optimisation and reporting purposes.

Multiframe provides smooth bi-directional data exchange of 3D models with MicroStation and AutoCAD. This lets engineers pick structural centrelines from architectural drawings or export full 3D models for drafting and detailing.

exports and imports data to and from other structural programs including ISM, SDNF and text files.