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OpenWindPower  Floating Platform
             for all Types of Shapes and Structures

More details to be released shortly

Watch OnDemand! Designing Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms - Floating or Fixed. Offshore expert, Mark Upston, takes a look at how to overcome the unique challenges of fixed and floating offshore wind turbine analysis by taking advantage of comprehensive analyses and interoperability. Explore how Digital iTwin technology, together with automated workflows, mitigates risk and improves effective collaboration when designing offshore wind farms.

Explore design options, understand behavior, and accurately predict structural performance of offshore floating wind farm platforms.

 Model Floating Platforms

    Create complex 3D models for any platform using wizards and interactive sketch tools. Systematically explore design alternatives by making measured changes to your models with easy-to-use-tools. Apply transformations to increase the productivity of your initial design process.

 Analyze floating systems

    Automate analyses using the MOSES simulation language to define environmental conditions, specify mooring configurations, and run integrated solvers in a unified environment. Ensure system response is within defined limits over a range of operating conditions.

 Ensure compliance to offshore design codes

    Ensure structural compliance using built-in checking. Filter results for critical conditions. Optimize design and configuration for compliance to numerous current and past international codes, including API, AISC, EC, ISO, DNV, and Norsok. Deliver compliance documentation.​​