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Integrated Naval Architecture Software
             for all Types of Vessels

Island Computer Systems Ltd are an Authorised Bentley Gold Channel Partner - able to provide the full range of Bentley infrastructure products including MicroStation and PowerDraft as well as the marine MAXSURF products:      Modeler
and Multiframe


MAXSURF Resistance estimates the resistance and power requirements for any MAXSURF design using industry standard prediction techniques.

MAXSURF Resistance

Wake and Power Prediction

When designing a powered vessel using MAXSURF Resistance provides a wide range of calculation methods to help you estimate the resistance and powering requirements of the hull. A range of industry standard algorithms are provided, allowing you to select the methods most appropriate for your hull shape.

Calculation methods provided in Resistance include: Savitsky pre-planing and planing; Lahtiharju for planing vessels; Blount & Fox for planing vessels, Holtrop and Compton for fast displacement hulls; Fung and Series 60 for ships; van Oortmerssen for full form hulls such as tugs and trawlers; and Delft systematic yacht series for sailing yachts. It is also possible to directly analyse the resistance of a MAXSURF hull using a Slender Body method which uses a potential flow CFD approach.

Resistance can automatically read in any MAXSURF design file and measure the required input parameters from it. You also have the option to override these automatically calculated values to fine tune the calculations to match your requirements.

Like all modules in the MAXSURF range, Resistance allows you to copy and paste data to and from other Windows programs allowing you to carry out your own data preparation or post-processing.

Output from Resistance is provided in both tabular and graphical format and is automatically recalculated as changes are made to input parameters.

Resistance Features

• Interactive interface

• Automated hull measuring

• Multiple analysis methods

• Multihulls using Slender Body method

• Planing vessels

• Workboats

• Ships

• Yachts