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Island Computer Systems Ltd are an Authorised Bentley Channel Partner - able to provide the full range of Bentley infrastructure products including MicroStation and PowerDraft as well as the marine MAXSURF products:      Modeler
and Multiframe


LATEST NEWS: (Note all previous webinars are available for you to enjoy)

We exhibited MAXSURF at SMM in Hamburg in September 2018. Thank you for helping to make it one of our most successful shows so far. Our neighbours were SSI showing Ship Constructor and opposite us was Cammell Laird of Birkenhead showing a model of their current build - Ro-Ro Ferry for Red Funnell modeled and analysed entirely in MAXSURF.

Many other satisfied users of MAXSURF visited us at SMM, including fellow exhibitors and trade visitors from almost 20 different countries. Plus the new prospects included naval architects from Asia, The middle East, China and Russia as well as throughout Europe


Available July 2018

We exhibited MAXSURF on the new SMI stand at Seawork 2018 in Southampton.

We exhibited MAXSURF at NAVALIA in Vigo May 2018

We exhibited MAXSURF at NAVEXPO in Lorient May 2018

MAXSURF CONNECT Edition 21.12 available  March 2018

MAXSURF CONNECT Edition 21.11 available  November 2017

We exhibited MAXSURF


in Rotterdam Nov 2017, with the Europort theme the same as MAXSURF’s! Ie Maximising Vessel Performance

Webinar: Structural Response of Marine Structures - October 2017

MAXSURF CONNECT Edition 21.10 available

August 2017

We exhibited MAXSURF

again at Seawork

in Southampton June 2017

With the theme - Concurrent

simulation-driven marine

vessel design software

Stability Criteria Webinar - April 2017

Webinar: Deterministic Stability in MAXSURF

Join James Clarkson, MAXSURF Technical Support Engineer, to see how you can use the integrated tools in MAXSURF to analyse vessels for compliance with statutory stability criteria.

Key Points

Stability criteria organization in MAXSURF

Creating and customizing stability criteria

Evaluating ship stability for compliance

Determining maximum permissible height of vessel centre of gravity using stability criteria

We exhibited MAXSURF
at Seatec (Marina de Carrara)
in Italy March 2017

Theme of simple to generate Hull Mesh

BBC2 Program

With the MAXSURF Stability
program’s assistance, the BBC2
reviews the 1916 vital Battle
of Jutland

And Stability dramatically assesses the damage conditions to the Queen Mary

Simulation of flooding on HMS Queen Mary using MAXSURF Stability

MAXSURF CONNECT Edition 21.02 available

December 2016

Webinar: Modeling Existing Vessels MAXSURF

Webinar - how to produce fair hullforms using developable surfaces in MAXSURF

Webinar - MAXSURF Naval Architecture Software for Initial Ship Design

MAXSURF Update Notes - contact us for the latest release details (or copies of previous update notes)

Release 22.01 April 2019

Release 22.00 (CONNECT Edition) December 2018

Release 21.14 October 2018

Release 21.13 July 2018

Release 21.12 March 2018

Release 21.11 November 2017

Release 21.10 August 2017

Release 21.02 December 2016

Release 21.01 September 2016

Release 21 Oct 2015 MAXSURF CONNECT Edition

Release 20 Nov 2014

Release 19 Nov 2013

Release 18 Nov 2012

Release 17 Nov 2011

Release 16  Nov 2010

Release 15 Dec 2009 - featuring EAS Brazil

Release 14 Feb 2009

Release 13 Sept 2007 - featuring Southerly Designs

Release 12 Ma 2006 - featuring One2Three Naval Architects

Release 11

Release 10 April 2004 - featuring DAMEN

Release 9.5 Nov 2002 - featuring RNLI

Release 9 Oct 2001 - featuring North West Bay Ships

Release 8.5 Mar 2001 - featuring Incat Designs

Release 8 Jan 2000


The Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Offshore Magazine

The Shipping Tribune

Marine Link

Maritime Journal (see our listing under Design)

Maritime Executive Newsletter

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Our Advert in The Naval Architect

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