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Integrated Naval Architecture Software

             for all Types of Vessels

Maxsurf Naval Architecture Software provides integrated tools for hull modelling and optimisation, comprehensive stability, motions & resistance prediction, structural modelling, structural analysis, and export to vessel detailing.


What vessels are designed using Maxsurf Naval Architecture Software?
Any vessel may be designed in MAXSURF

Maxsurf is typically used to design:

Workboats: general purpose, dive boats, tugs, barges, fire boats, etc.

Fast Ferries:  Monohull, catamaran, trimaran, notable examples from Austal, Incat Crowther, Southerly Designs, One2Three, Damen..

Patrol:  Patrol and Coastguard vessels, Border protection, Fisheries protection, etc

Defense: Anzac frigate, Littoral Combatant, etc

Offshore: Supply vessels, Heavy lift etc, Windfarm maintenance/support

Yachts: Motor luxury yachts, Sailing yachts, production yachts, personal leisure craft (kayaks, sailboards, surfboards, etc), America’s cup sailing yachts,

Ships: VLCC, plate modelling on larger vessels, Container ships, General cargo, Dredgers

MAXSURF Advantages

Ensure hull fairness and suitability for construction

Modeler is focused on providing the best hull modelling tools – it is not a generic NURBS surface modeler. This helps ensure that vessels are fair and suitable for construction.

Some other modelling tools hide the detail – they look fine on a 28” screen but are not smooth and fair at full scale.

Modeler has a wide range of naval-architecture specific tools: sectional area curve, parametric transformation, upright hydrostatics, export to naval-architecture-specific 3rd party software etc.

Improve design with accurate performance prediction

Maxsurf has a range of efficient and accurate performance prediction tools: Resistance, sailing velocity prediction, ship response to waves

Verify compliance with stability regulations

Compliance with statutory stability requirements can be verified with Stability. A full range of GZ-based stability criteria can be evaluated. Most common codes are included but full customised user-criteria may also be added.

Optimize vessel design for competing requirements

Maxsurf’s range of tools enables naval architects to explore design alternatives quickly, be this manually or using 3rd party formal optimization tools. Maxsurf’s automation interface allows users to automate design evaluation from other tools such as Microsoft Excel, Friendship Systems CASES, etc.

Collaborate with others and exchange data without errors

Maxsurf uses a common design file system which is easily transferred to other users or incorporated into a document management / version control system such as ProjectWise. Bentley’s CONNECT capabilities further enhance collaboration.

In addition, the parametric nature of the vessel design (for example tank and compartment definition in Stability or structural element definition in Structure) allows for concurrent design: Once the general design of the hullform and main dimensions are fixed in Modeler, tanks/compartments/structure can all be defined and then easily updated (simply recalculate the components) whilst the final hull fairing is taking place.

Easy to learn and master, with intuitive user interface

All the applications in Maxsurf have a standard Microsoft Windows user interface with a similar look and feel across all the applications, which makes them easy to learn and use, and easy to pick-up if used infrequently.

Integrated suite of Naval Architecture tools
Integrated Suite
Integrated suite of Naval Architecture tools
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