Getting started with MAXSURF

There are many ways to get started and the best approach may depend on your CAD and naval architecture software experience.

We suggest watching a video such as these to get the perspective on the capabilities and user interface.

Modeler, the heart of the MAXSURF system


The software is supplied with many sample designs, primitive shapes and calculations.

Plus comprehensive colour online manuals with tutorials.

And Quickstart documents for each module.

MAXSURF Training

We can supply Training Manuals or quote for live Online Classroom and individual Training.

Licensed Users have access to the Bentley learning courses and gain CPD credits.

Academic users also have access to comprehensive assistance and home use licenses for non-commercial use.

Support for Users and Administrators

See new very useful page

This Support page links to the Bentley Communities knowledge base and Service Requests with Bentley Technical Support.

There are also links to software download and activation, Administrator Resources and other support options.

Service Request

The following link shows how to raise a Service Request (SR)

Product Evaluation ie Trial

How to evaluate a product under Subscription Entitlement Service

The Subscription Entitlement Service supports the generation of evaluation entitlements so that users can try a product without accruing billable usage. This article explains how an end user accesses an evaluation entitlement assigned to him or her and confirms the product is utilizing it.

Evaluation Email

When a sales representative or an administrator assigns an evaluation entitlement to a user, the end user will receive an email titled “New Evaluation Entitlement.” It provides the following information:

  • The sales representative or administrator who granted the evaluation
  • The product and version for which the evaluation is valid
  • The start and end dates for the evaluation period
  • A download link for an installer of the covered product

Please contact us if you require a Trial


Understanding, Monitoring and Managing Usage

The below linked article will help with Understanding, Monitoring and Managing Usage


License Overuse

How can I be notified of license overuse?