Support for Users and Administrators

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This Support page links to the Bentley Communities knowledge base and Service Requests with Bentley Technical Support.

There are also links to software download and activation, Administrator Resources and other support options.

Service Request

New as of May 2023 use the Bentley Support Portal

to raise a Service Request (SR)

Or else contact us as the Bentley Authorised Maxsurf specialist for more details.

Getting started with Maxsurf

There are many ways to get started and the best approach may depend on your CAD and naval architecture software experience.

We suggest watching a video such as these to get the perspective on the capabilities and user interface.

Modeler, the heart of the Maxsurf system


The software is supplied with many sample designs, primitive shapes and calculations.

Plus comprehensive colour online manuals with tutorials.

And Quickstart documents for each module.

Maxsurf Training

We can supply Training Manuals or quote for live Online Classroom and individual Training.

Licensed Users have access to the Bentley learning courses and gain CPD credits.

Academic users also have access to comprehensive assistance and home use licenses for non-commercial use.

Product Evaluation ie Trial

How to evaluate a product under Subscription Entitlement Service

The Subscription Entitlement Service supports the generation of evaluation entitlements so that users can try a product without accruing billable usage. This article explains how an end user accesses an evaluation entitlement assigned to him or her and confirms the product is utilizing it.

Evaluation Email

When a sales representative or an administrator assigns an evaluation entitlement to a user, the end user will receive an email titled “New Evaluation Entitlement.” It provides the following information:

  • The sales representative or administrator who granted the evaluation
  • The product and version for which the evaluation is valid
  • The start and end dates for the evaluation period
  • A download link for an installer of the covered product

Please contact us if you require a Trial. Please click here.

SES Activation

Traditionally, product activation has been through an activation key that an Organization distributed to all of its users. With the Subscription Entitlement Service (SES), product activation is managed by user sign in through the CONNECTION Client, which is installed on each machine that uses Bentley applications. The following link page has information for both Administrators and the application’s users for getting started with SES:

Understanding, Monitoring and Managing Usage

The below linked article will help with Understanding, Monitoring and Managing Usage


License Overuse

How can I be notified of license overuse?

Activating as a non-Select User via SES

Please note: Users requiring action of applications using SELECTserver based licensing should refer to the following WIKi – 

Activating Applications Using SELECTserver Based Licensing as a non-SELECT User


The intent of non-Select (licensing is that the license be used on a single machine, by a single user. As a non-Select user, you must go thru license checkout (essentially you are “reserving’ a license out to facilitate product activation).

By default, the checkout is for one year, which is the maximum term.

  • Users with software under a maintenance agreement have “floating” licenses. Floating licensing is a software licensing approach in which a limited number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users. Licenses are made available to any user when needed rather than being permanently assigned to individual computers.

Users able to log into CONNECTION Client, will be able to check out the license thru the Bentley License Tool

Users unable to log into CONNECTION Client (or operating in a disconnected environment without connectivity) will need an administrator to supply a checked out license (in the form of a “.belic” file), which can then be transferred to the machine the license is intended for (typically via a flash drive). 

How do I find my Administrator?

Opening the Bentley License Tool

The Bentley License Tool can be accessed several ways –

  • From the Windows Start menu, in the search box type “Bentley Licensing”, select Bentley Licensing Tool from the search results that appear
  • From the Windows Start menu under “Start” -> “Connection Client” folder  -> [another nested] “Connection Client” folder -> “Bentley Licensing Tool”
  • Open the executable directly from the file location:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bentley Shared\CONNECTION Client\LicService\Bentley.Licensing.LicenseTool.exe 

Users Able to log into CONNECTION Client

User not only needs to be able to log into CONNECTION Client, but also be associated to the account by an Administrator. Process for checking out a license can be found here – 

How to check out licenses via the Bentley License Tool 

The Activation wizard built into the Bentley License Tool can also walk you thru the checkout process,  you would choose the second option, “Checkout a License” –

For additional details, refer to the following WIKI (“Option 2”)    –

How to activate products under Subscription Entitlement Service

Users Unable to log into CONNECTION Client

This also works for users unaffiliated with your account. Process for Administrator to check out a license from Entitlement Management  can be found here – 

How to check out licenses from Entitlement Management 

The process for importing the resulting file on the client machine can be found here – 

Importing a License via the Bentley License Tool

How to Transfer a Checked Out License from one Machine to Another 

To transfer a non-Select nodelocked license from one machine to another: 

1) Check the license back into Entitlement Management (this releases the license) –   

  1. a) For users able to log into CONNECTION Client, this can be done thru the Bentley License Tool. 

Note that you must be logged into CONNECTION Client as the same user that initially checked out the license. If user is unable to sign in, follow b) below. 

  1. b) For users unable to log into CONNECTION Client, this has to be done by an administrator with access to Entitlement Management 

This is covered under Step 3 of the following WIKI – 

How to check out licenses from Entitlement Management

2) Activate the software as a non-Select user on the new machine following above instructions.

See also non-SELECT Announcement and FAQs

Dear Valued Users:

We wanted to inform you of an upcoming change to how you register your machines to use Bentley solutions when you have no active SELECT subscription. Organizations with no subscription will no longer be able to pool their perpetual licenses across machines.  Historically, these organizations were only authorized to use node-locked licenses. These licenses were then managed with a license file that was distributed to the organization and could be imported on the physical machines that would be running Bentley software.

 In the coming weeks, this node-lock mechanism will be changing. Instead of a license file, the list of valid machines that are allowed to use a product license will be maintained in the Subscription Entitlement Service (SES). This will provide a more convenient way to manage the machines using the organization’s licenses and still adhere to the licensing policy for non-SELECT accounts.