Reverse Engineering in Maxsurf. Please click here to contact us for more details.

Automated input of existing designs from a set of data points. Optionally uses unique genetic algorithm technology to ensure the fitted surface is both accurate and fair. Fitting is now incorporated into Modeler.

Reverse Engineering in MAXSURF
Reverse Engineering in Maxsurf



Fitting Features

  •   Import existing offsets files
  •     User controlled curve fitting
  •     Automated surface fairing
  •     Preview fitted shapes
  •     Successive surface refinement
  •     Displays accuracy of fit

Fitting provides a range of tools to assist in creating a Maxsurf design to match an existing lines plan or table of offsets.

When you need to create a Maxsurf design to match an existing hull shape, Fitting provides a range of spline and surface fitting tools to make the fitting process faster and more accurate.

Data points can come from any source and can be entered from a keyboard, read from a text file, or imported via DXF.

A built-in offsets editor lets you review and modify the offsets table prior to fitting. Offsets can also be pasted to and from spreadsheets to allow you to sort or modify the data. Additional offsets can be added, or unwanted offsets removed, at any time. If only a small number of offsets are available, Fitting enables you enrich the data prior to fitting.

The fitting process allows you to fit splines to each station and then fit a surface through the splines. The splines can be manually adjusted if desired, and the user has full control of the number of control points and flexibility of the fitted surface. Constraints can also be entered to ensure flat of bottom or flat of side.

Once an initial fitted surface has been created, Fitting also provides you with tools to improve the surface fairness and accuracy of the hull. The final surface can be saved to a Maxsurf design file for further refinement or read into Hydromax to perform hydrostatics calculations.

Fitting is an invaluable tool when you need to create an accurate Maxsurf model of an existing design. It provides a simple way to import a parent hull form which can then be transformed into related designs using Maxsurf ’s transformation capabilities. Reverse Engineering in Maxsurf .