Latest news, developments and releases about MAXSURF

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In 2020 we were booked to exhibit at SEAWORK in Southampton with SMI (June) and at SMM in Hamburg (September) again alongside ShipConstructor. However the COVID-19 situation has postponed plans until 2021..

MAXSURF Version 22, Update 3 is now available!

In this release of MAXSURF there are significant enhancements to the MAXSURF modules, including:
Modeler: new trimesh features including simplified generation of box and tube primitive shapes; generating prismatic trimeshes by extruding a curve; Boolean operations (union and intersection) on closed trimesh surfaces.
Modeler: Export of vessel structural model to Multiframe for analysis (technology preview)
Modeler: Productivity enhancements to facilitate setting the cutting surface list and surface color.
Motions: User-defined RAO import from text files extended to allow range of speeds and heading.
Shape Editor: Enhancements to section shape and cutout (punch-out) definition and editing.

Full details of the features added to MAXSURF in version can be found in the MAXSURF Release Note.

A cumulative list of the main features to have been added to MAXSURF since Version 19 may be found here:

Throughout January 2020, BAIRD progressively revealed the winners of each of their MARITIME AWARDS which had MAXSURF users winning almost every category*:

Vessel Awards

  •     Best Small Pilot Boat 2019*
  •     Best Large Pilot Boat 2019*
  •     Best Large Ro-Pax*
  •     Best Small Passenger 2019*
  •     Best Super Yacht Support 2019*
  •     Best Landing Craft 2019*
  •     Best Coast Guard Vessel 2019*
  •     Best Interceptor 2019
  •     Best OSV – WFSV 2019*
  •     Best Escort Tug 2019

In 2019 our stand at Europort in Rotterdam was busy with MAXSURF users and prospects from over 20 countries.

We were able to share the latest news, developments and releases about MAXSURF

We exhibited MAXSURF at SMM in Hamburg in September 2018. Thank you for helping to make it one of our most successful shows so far. Our neighbours were SSI showing Ship Constructor and opposite us was Cammell Laird of Birkenhead showing a model of their current build – Ro-Ro Ferry for Red Funnel modeled and analysed entirely in MAXSURF.

Many other satisfied users of MAXSURF visited us at SMM, including fellow exhibitors and trade visitors from almost 20 different countries. Plus the new prospects included naval architects from Asia, The middle East, China and Russia as well as throughout Europe

We exhibited MAXSURF on the new SMI stand at Seawork 2018 in Southampton.

We exhibited MAXSURF at NAVALIA in Vigo May 2018

We exhibited MAXSURF at NAVEXPO in Lorient May 2018

We exhibited MAXSURF at EUROPORT in Rotterdam Nov 2017, with the Europort theme the same as MAXSURF’s! Ie Maximising Vessel Performance

We exhibited MAXSURF again at Seawork in Southampton June 2017 With the theme – Concurrent simulation-driven marine vessel design software

We exhibited MAXSURF
at Seatec (Marina de Carrara)
in Italy March 2017 with the Theme of simple to generate Hull Mesh