Maxsurf Customisable Training courses

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Island Computer Systems Ltd have been supplying and supporting Maxsurf worldwide since 1985.

We also have an international network of experienced Maxsurf Trainers who have practical Naval Architecture background.

The Training focuses on good modelling practices, basic hydrostatic/stability calculations and structural modelling to give a good overall understanding of principles and possibilities.

The Training is Customisable specifically for each client and may be elementary or advanced.

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Maxsurf Customisable Training courses

Maxsurf MODELER (2+ days)

                Maxsurf environment and User Interface

                Customizing UI

                Coordinate system

                Frame of reference – FA and FF

                Setting the zero point

                Surface types

                Working with surfaces (control points, stiffness, outside arrows, trimming, bonding

                Working with control points (adding, deleting, moving, aligning, grouping, smooth

                Vessel types

                Windage groups

                Drawing settings (snap, grid, depth, nudge)

                Defining Contours (sections, waterlines, buttocks, diagonals, bonded edges etc.)

                Basic modelling of all kind of hulls (few surfaces).

Advanced modelling of hulls (topology strategies for hulls with many surfaces, continuity across surface)

                Quality checking of models

                Modeling of sheet based hulls with developable surfaces

                Strategies for modelling good geometry that to be used by downstream CAD programs.

                How to use reference geometry (scanned images, dxf drawings, markers)

                Preliminary hydrostatics in Maxsurf Modeler

                Export of line drawing as dxf or x,y,z table

                Export of model to 2D/3D CAD

                Best practices of modelling successfully and exporting to solid modellers.

                Hands on training

MAXSURF Customisable Training courses


                Hydrostatics environment and UI, different windows

                Preparing the design model

                Freeze of Frame of reference

                Upright hydrostatics and setup

                Large angle stability and setup

                Equilibrium calculations and setup

                Defining loadcases

                Defining tanks

                Defining compartments

                Defining key points

                Tank calibration

                Linking of tanks

                Display options

                Damage case definitions

                Analysis settings

                Analysis environment options

                Intro to Stability Criteria

                Analysis output (reporting, select view, exporting etc.)

MAXSURF Customisable Training courses


                Structure environment and UI, different windows

                Preparing the design model

                Working with frames

                Working with decks

                Working with stringers & stringer shapes

                Working with plates

                Calculating plates

                Working with parts

                Calculating part weights and center of gravity

                Exporting loadcases of parts to Stability

                Exporting parts to CAD

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MAXSURF Customisable Training courses

Intro to MAXSURF Resistance
Intro to MAXSURF Motions

Lots of hands on training for attendees


                There will be a completion certificate provided to attendees.

MAXSURF Customisable Training courses

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