To Obtain or Rent Maxsurf or standalone Multiframe:

  • Purchase Perpetual license with Optional annual support subscription or
  • Prepayment Rental (monthly based billing) or
  • Named User called Practitioner License
  • Possible Quarterly Term license

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Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) and (legacy) SELECTserver

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How to check out licenses from Entitlement Management

What is the purpose of this information?

For extended offline scenarios beyond the offline period of products (i.e. usually seven days), Subscription Entitlement Service provides the capability to reserve or check out licenses. Computers with Internet access can reserve a license from the Bentley Licensing Tool. For computers without Internet access, license files can be generated from the Entitlement Management website by an administrator from an Internet-connected computer.

To generate a checked-out license, Bentley are providing video or written documentation:

How to evaluate a product under Subscription Entitlement Service

The Subscription Entitlement Service supports the generation of evaluation entitlements so that users can try a product without accruing billable usage. This article explains how an end user accesses an evaluation entitlement assigned to him or her and confirms the product is utilizing it.

Evaluation Email

When a sales representative or an administrator assigns an evaluation entitlement to a user, the end user will receive an email titled “New Evaluation Entitlement.” It provides the following information:

  • The sales representative or administrator who granted the evaluation
  • The product and version for which the evaluation is valid
  • The start and end dates for the evaluation period
  • A download link for an installer of the covered product